Rolling thunder

Rolling Thunder from PS2 select screen.


The Aces.

The Rolling Thunder is a plane in WDL Warjets

It is used by the Aces


The Rolling Thunder is a modern fighter jet specializing in incendiary weaponry

It is a single engine blueish colored fighter plane with a large cannon on its nose


Its main weapon is a Hees incendiary cannon, a large cannon that shoots fireballs

Its secondary weapon is the Homing Fireball, which is similiar to the Night Hawk's homing missles, in their ability to lock on to a target, but they are slightly less powerful, and alot more accurate because they can turn on a dime.

In bombing mode, the Rolling Thunder drops Incendiary Bombs.

Weapon upgrade essentially work the same as with the Night Hawk.

lvl1: faster fire rate

lvl2: twin fireballs but normal fire rate

lvl3: twin fireballs, faster fire rate


compared to the Night Hawk it is a little more durable, and maybe a slight bit faster,

however the night hawk has superior armament and turning

its cannon has a slower fire rate than the B18 Crusher's 100mm

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